U.S. Women’s Open reaction, Tiger and Streelman shine at Memorial, and “The Assassin”

A packed Monday episode begins with a wide-ranging discussion on several topics from the U.S. Women’s Open. We discuss Jeongeun Lee6’s two-shot win and the relatability of some of the emotion she showed. We also discuss how the Country Club of Charleston held up and how the women promote the best and most relatable rendering of golf as it should be and how there were no player complaints about setup like we hear at the men’s Open. The pace of play problems at Charleston are reviewed, which prompts story time from Andy about how they have checked his time in the past in competition. For the Memorial, we give Patrick Cantlay his due, as well as Tiger, who appears back in form, before taking a sharp left turn off a cliff to review the career of Kevin Streelman. We also have a story about a potentially intoxicated tour pro stealing one of those famously controversial bunker rakes from the 2006 Memorial. We wrap with some stories that will build the legend of “The Assassin,” who should be your new favorite golfer.