Use Golf Facts accuses Tiger of tainting the PGA, Rahm scratches a W in Mexico

It’s a first-of-the-month recording, which immediately puts Andy in a good mood for this Monday recap. First, however, Brendan begins with a Sunday morning wake-up to golf facts being shared far and wide. This time, there’s an accusation that the PGA, Southern Hills, and Tiger are in cahoots to make it an inequitable major championship. This leads to a somewhat more serious discussion about the post-Masters “Now what?” part of Tiger’s comeback and how competitive he might be. Then it’s on to results from the weekend, starting with the LPGA event at Palos Verdes, hitting on Marina Alex’s victory, Lydia Ko’s amusing honesty, and the course. On the PGA Tour, they praise the setup guys as well as Jon Rahm, who did not have his best stuff but scratched out a W against a super stinky field in Mexico.