Weds at the Ryder Cup: Can we talk about this astronaut mannequin?

This Wednesday episode comes to you live from the Bixby Bus in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Andy and Brendan offer some initial thoughts after walking around Whistling Straits on Wednesday morning and hearing a few more of the players talk. Some initial chatter focuses on the wind and cold perhaps equalizing things in a way you might not expect for an away team. They discuss some of the early duos we’ve seen signaled throughout the first couple practice days, the Rory “conundrum,” the DJ-Morikawa power play, and if analytics have taken “the fun” out of the captaincy catastrophes. There’s an argument made that Bryson should play as much as possible. Candidates for “shit stirrer” of the week are also bandied about. Worst potential pairings are also nominated. And they close incredulity over a shining example of the absurdity of the pomp and circumstance of these interminable pre-match days. Thursday will bring another preview episode reacting to the lineups for Day 1. Subscribe to the SGS or Westy Island blends at Bixby to support the pod’s work this week.