We’ve surely come to jest

It’s Document Review Friday on the Shotgun Start, and Andy and Brendan begin with Norman the mailer sending yet another letter out into the void, addressed to one, but aimed at an audience for many. The Shark’s missive is dissected in full, with motivations, legal points, and the Tour’s weaknesses, considered throughout the chat. Then it’s on to Phil Mickelson’s “apology,” where they discuss when we might see the old Lefty again. Who do we see play next — Tiger or Phil? A theme throughout both of these document discussions is how this became a collection of some of the worst possible elements that could have exploited legitimate Tour vulnerabilities. Both Andy and Brendan also debate whether this will make the tour feel more confident in how they have done things and double-down on that, or actually change. News hits on the JT-Jack design duo debuting at something called Panther National, ZJ getting the nod as Ryder Cup captain, and some delightful LPGA news. They close with Brendan’s review of The Woods·Jupiter after his much anticipated visit there on Monday.