Yuka’s starpower, Using the “choke” word, Rahm’s WD, and Broosky-gate

This is a packed Monday episode that begins with praise for Yuka Saso’s playoff victory to become the youngest U.S. Women’s Open champion. Her early double bogey run, her late comeback, her playoff tightrope walk, and her emotional interview are all discussed. Then Brendan and Andy get to Lexi Thompson, discussing the appropriate use of the word “choke,” which was not heard on the broadcast with Johnny Miller off enjoying retirement. Brendan recalls the inevitability of the collapse that felt so brutal, while Andy has a theory on why it started to unravel on the back nine. They discuss NBC’s coverage of both Lexi’s collapse and the move to Golf Channel for the end of the playoff. The Memorial discussion largely focuses on Jon Rahm’s positive COVID test and WD, as well as another round of Brooks-Bryson feuding that may have led to the Tour getting involved. Is it bullying or crossing some sort of line? They wrap with a shoutout to a couple Canucks, the KFT GOAT, and sectional qualifying.