Why We Hold Fried Egg Events

How and why we went from a one-off idea to a yearly calendar


We are excited to announce the majority of our new season of TFE Events. We wouldn’t be able to do this without your support as readers, listeners, and viewers. When we started events in 2019, our idea was to try it out at Lawsonia Links, give our audience a chance to meet and play a great golf course, and see what happened. We were floored by that first run. We saw people start the day as strangers and finish it looking like long-lost friends.

Today, our events continue to be about the opportunity for golf nuts to build relationships with other golf nuts while playing the kinds of architecturally significant golf courses The Fried Egg covers.

Thanks to the support our events have received, we have expanded to a full calendar featuring nine (or possibly more!) events. This is a big undertaking for our small staff, but we think it’s important both for our community and for the golf courses themselves.

Two of our biggest goals are 1) to highlight public facilities that offer great architecture at an affordable rate and 2) to provide access to some of America’s best private facilities. That’s why our schedule offers a mixture of public and private venues.

We’ve chosen these facilities because we think they’re great, not because they’ve given us a special deal or arranged a quid pro quo with us for positive coverage. These are courses we’ve visited, photographed, written about, and podcasted about. We think they deserve to get paid and be recognized for cultivating and caretaking an exceptional golf experience.

At the same time, we want our events to be as accessible as possible, and we’ve priced them accordingly. Every Fried Egg event includes 36 holes of friendly competition, breakfast, lunch, snacks, at least one round of drinks, a tee gift, and prizes. The 36-hole aspect of our events is especially important to us; we want participants to take in the brilliance of each golf course fully, through different tees and pins as well as a fun alternate-shot format in the afternoon. All of that is included in the rate you see.

To increase the accessibility of this coming year’s events, we will be reserving a free spot in each event for a local golfer who doesn’t have the financial means to attend. If this describes you, simply state your case through the contact form on our website.

To all of you who have come out in the past, thank you, and we hope to see you again this season!


Andy Johnson

VIEW THE 2023 Fried Egg Schedule

For more information on our 2022 events and the courses we’ve chosen, give this podcast a listen:

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