The beauty of WOWgr is that no one’s spot is guaranteed. This week makes that very clear.

Need a refresher on WOWgr rules?

Vol. 2023.22

No. 1 – Rose Zhang (No change from last week) – Welp, the week all WOWgr aficionados have feared is here: Rose Zhang is a professional. After a dominant amateur career, Zhang turned pro and is playing in her first LPGA Tour event this week in New Jersey. She knew the consequences of turning pro could put her spot in WOWgr up for grabs and that was a decision she could live with. Best of luck in the professional ranks, Rose. WOWgr will keep a close eye on you.

No. 3 – U.S. Open anticipation (Up 77) – Fair warning, Crooked Will is about to promote TFE content. But in all seriousness, our team did an awesome job with the L.A.C.C. preview video. Take a few minutes and get excited if you haven’t watched yet.

No. 6 – NCAA Championship golf (Up 901) – It’s one of the best events of the year. Combining a bunch of emotional, highly talented kids with the brutality of match play is such a delightful experience for a golf fan. That said, Grayhawk is not the place for it, so I’m glad it’s moving out of Arizona next year. Anyway, congrats to the Wake Forest women and Florida men for their championship titles!

No. 9 – Milkshakes (Up 129) – Happy Memorial Tournament catnip week.

No. 14 – Statue of Liberty (Up 52) – Speaking of catnip, welcome to Liberty National!

No. 19 – Potentially scummy behavior (Up 531)J.B. Holmes has officially given Jon Rahm permission to play a scramble as Ron J. Ham.

No. 35 – The phrase “just chill out man” (Up 102) – Claude Harmon III, just chill out man.

No. 841 – Ludvig Aberg (Down 831) – If you’re undoubtedly the best player in college golf, you can’t finish T-29 at NCAAs and then bogey the playoff hole of the team competition and fail to let your team advance to match play. C’mon man!

No. 999 – Will’s time on social media (Down 887) – I will be largely #offline this weekend for my bachelor party. Don’t you worry, next week’s WOWgr will not suffer because of it.

No. 1,521 – Vibes (Down 887) – Matthew Wolff is reportedly out of SMASH GC because “the vibes weren’t right.” Hate that for Brooksy and the bois. But Wolff’s departure does raise unanswered questions about player movement within LIV: how does it work? Does anyone know? I truly couldn’t care less but it’s a fun discourse to check out.

No. 1,775 – Nevada (Down 1,311) – Let’s talk about Nevada. Northern Nevada, specifically, because Las Vegas is a different place, or so I’m told. If you live in Northern Nevada, what do you do? I had the distinct displeasure of spending 30 hours of my life there last weekend because of a flat tire on the highway, and boy was it a bad time. The town we stayed in was composed of fast food restaurants, desert, Walmart, desert, a couple hardware stores, desert, and a bunch of casinos. I’m realizing that I answered my own question with the last part there but c’mon folks. On the bright side, the fact that the town had a Walmart that was open on Memorial Day did allow us to leave after just one night. Otherwise I may still be there. Nevada, you stink.