Approach the shot. Evaluate everything. Your lie, the yardage, angle, wind, temperature. Assess your risks.  Envision a result. Select the club. Envision it again. Strike the ball. Repeat.

Golf. It’s every player against the course. 18 holes, 14 clubs, and infinite possibilities.  

For a game where every detail counts, The Fried Egg does the digging for you. It’s a place where golf fanatics unite to find a deeper appreciation of the game.

It’s a newsletter sent every Monday, Wednesday and Friday that gives you all of the yolk and none of the shell on golf’s biggest headlines, from Tour news to amateur and college golf. It’s a website with deep dives into course reviews and golf course architecture, highlighted by innovative drone footage of both hidden gems and iconic courses from around the country. It’s two podcasts that host some of the biggest names in golf, from Tour players to renowned golf course architects.

It’s all golf, all the time.

Welcome, yolkel. We’re happy you’re here.