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This topic has been covered and ranted about over on The Shotgun Start, but when I saw various golf social media accounts celebrating National Golf Lovers Day on Tuesday, I had to dig deeper. What’s that? I’ve been around golf my whole life and don’t recall October 4th being such a celebratory occasion. Well perhaps that’s because October 4th also shares the stage with National Cinnamon Roll Day, National Taco Day, National Vodka Day, National Fruit At Work Day, National Truckers Appreciation Day, Improve Your Office Day, World Animal Day, Kindness to Animal Day, and 10 other assorted religious and ethnic holidays.

Is National Golf Lovers Day a crime against humanity? No. Are there greater things to get worked up about? Yes. But these fake holidays we’re asked to indulge, recognize, and salute with made-up hashtags are a plague. They’re a scourge. They’re fake, concocted by the Big Cinnamon Roll Lobby, fruit-at-work special interest groups, and yes, our beloved golf stakeholders. Celebrate, enjoy, and love golf every day, especially the ones where social media managers aren’t gifted a fake scoring chance. End this holiday madness.