Fried Egg Stories: Bobby Clampett and His Golfing Machine

Today, Homer Kelley’s 1969 book The Golfing Machine is a standard text for those who study the science of the golf swing. Famous instructors cite it, as do tour pros like Bryson DeChambeau and Steve Elkington. But in 1982, The Golfing Machine was most associated with 23-year-old Bobby Clampett, who had been schooled in Kelley’s system. Clampett had compiled a stellar amateur résumé, and after two rounds of the ’82 Open Championship, he led by five shots. He was on the verge of validating what he had once told a reporter about The Golfing Machine: “It’s the Bible of golf.”

In this edition of our audio documentary series, we tell the story of Homer Kelley, Bobby Clampett, and their quest to prove that science could solve the mysteries of the game.

The second season of Fried Egg Stories is brought to you by Precision Pro Golf (coupon code: FriedEgg20). This episode was produced by Garrett Morrison and mixed by Cameron Hurdus.