LIV's Major Complaints and How the PGA Tour Monitors Slow Play

Garrett and Brendan start this Tuesday show with a discussion of Talor Gooch’s ongoing battle with the USGA over an exemption-category change that may keep him out of the 2023 U.S. Open (4:18). They touch on the various sides of the conflict, from the potential rationales for the USGA’s position to the behavior of Gooch, Phil Mickelson, and other LIV players during the conflict. Garrett and Brendan also address whether the USGA could have avoided this fight—or at least prevented it from staying in the news for weeks. For the second segment, Garrett brings on Shane Ryan (@ShaneRyanHere) to discuss his recent on-the-ground reporting on how the PGA Tour enforces its pace-of-play standards (32:48). Read Shane’s article for Golf Digest HERE. Finally, Brendan returns to talk with Garrett about the storylines they’re tracking this week in golf (1:04:13).