Full access to exclusive content from TFE.

  • Weekly course review with an official Egg rating
  • Access to the Club TFE Blog
  • Monthly members-only video
  • Monthly virtual hangout and mailbag with TFE staff
  • An annual Club TFE gift
  • Early access to register for Fried Egg events
  • 10% off in the Fried Egg Pro Shop all year
  • Starting January 2, 2023

$120 / year

Explore the game.

Andy and Brendanon Club TFE

Let's explore the game

Starting on January 2, 2023, a membership to Club TFE will enable access to the following, and it will also make you a part of building something that can become even more.

  1. Weekly course profiles

    The TFE staff will deliver 52 course reviews per year, complete with architectural insights, travel tips, industry-leading photography, short audio discussions on selected courses, and related reads, videos, and interviews. Each review will also feature an official “Egg Rating.”

  2. Exclusive Club TFE blog

    This will be a separate playpen for TFE staff to post short, long, serious, irreverent, visual, and written blog items on a variety of topics from course architecture to competitive golf. There will be comments sections for members to offer feedback and interact with staff and other members.

  3. Early event access

    Fried Egg Events continue to improve with each year of experience. The annual schedule will maintain a mix of private, public, regionally diverse offerings. These events sell out, and a membership will give you early access to register.

  4. Member-only monthly videos

    The Fried Egg video team stepped up its game in 2022 with the addition of Cameron Hurdus and increased attention from Garrett. In addition to our regular YouTube offerings, we will produce one video each month for members only, focused on a wide range of architecture and travel topics.

  5. Monthly digital Q&A hangouts

    Consider this an opportunity to ask, make fun of, or even yell (nicely) at Fried Egg staff members on a range of topics. It's also a chance to interact with and meet other members, with in-person meet-ups planned at other points in the year.

  6. 10% off in TFE Pro Shop

    Thanks in large parts to the effort of Meg Adkins, the pro shop has never been more thoroughly stocked with a range of apparel and accessories. The print shop also continues to expand and is always a great gift option for others or yourself. Members will get 10 percent off every purchase throughout the year of their membership.