After a long PGA Championship week, regular WOWgr is back. Let’s get it on.

Need a refresher on WOWgr rules?

Vol. 2023.21

No. 1 – Rose Zhang (No change from last week) – The Stanford Lady Cardinal were unable to defend their NCAA Championship title but Rose came from behind to win her second consecutive individual NCAA title and 12th career collegiate title. She has 12 victories in 20 career starts and is the only woman ever to win two consecutive NCAA titles.

There was never a question about whether Zhang would retain the top spot in WOWgr, but there are questions surrounding her future. When she turns pro, life will get really real. We’ll find out how she stacks up against the best in the world. If things go poorly, her WOWgr spot could be up for grabs. Is that a risk she’s willing to take?

No. 2 – Brooks Koepka (Up 5) – Let the record show that Will Knights gave Brooks Koepka the respect he deserves for his PGA Championship victory and didn’t list a certain someone ahead of him. Major-championship Brooks is back.

No. 3 – Michael Block (Up 2,394) – You all know the story and likely don’t want to hear any more about it. Let’s leave it at that.

No. 4 – Michael Block’s 7-iron (Up 4,131) – Lol just kidding. But if you pay $50,000 for this thing, I will judge you forever.

No. 6 – Mud baths (Up 141) – After last Friday’s Tom Kim mud saga, it seemed impossible for someone to surpass him for social media star of the week. But Tom Kim had never heard of Michael Block.

No. 9 – Vices (Up 812) – I don’t know which activities Brooks Koepka has participated in since winning at Oak Hill, but you don’t get glassy eyes like this on accident.

No. 11 – Thirsting over Michael Block (Up all the spots) – As of the writing of this WOWgr, the PGA Tour has posted about Michael Block 18 times on its Instagram page and the Charles Schwab Challenge hasn’t even begun. EIGHTEEN TIMES. Why can’t we just let a good thing be a good thing?

No. 12 – Lashing out because of the thirsting over Michael Block (Up all the spots) – Warranted to a point. But boy is there a lot of it now.

No. 16 – Complaining about the people who lashed out because of the thirsting over Michael Block (Up all the spots) – Good luck figuring out which side I’m on with Block Mania.

No. 1,231 – Saying Brooks cares about LIV events (Down 1) – He went to the Panthers game on Monday, the Heat game on Tuesday, and the Panthers game on Wednesday. All of that with a tournament starting today on a golf course he’s never seen before this week. You think he really cares?

No. 1,453 – Will’s ability to keep up with the Michael Block story (Down 1,342) – I step away for a couple days and Michael Block does 30 interviews, says he would be a world-class golfer if he could play Rory McIlroy’s drives, does not concede Rory is a better player, and is the fan favorite at the Charles Schwab Challenge. I give up.

DFL – Moving (no change) – I don’t want to be around anymore.