Give me Nelly Korda vs. Scottie Scheffler, STAT!

There is absolutely no question who is on top of the sport right now. Scottie Scheffler just completed a run of four wins in five starts. Nelly Korda somehow did him one better, rattling off a run of five straight wins including the first major of the season.

So in an era of trying new formats and made-for-TV competitions, I ask you this, golf fans: who says no to a matchup of the world No. 1s?

I posted this to social media on Sunday and got a lot of responses about the personalities of both players involved. Honestly, that would potentially be a bit of an issue considering that most of the Match-type golf events lean heavily on unnatural interactions between athletes in a sport that rarely promotes, encourages, or even allows for trash talk during a competitive round. 

The solution to this is very, very simple: make it about golf, golf, and more golf. Have both caddies mic’d up out on the course with them. Mic up carts, bags, and anything else that would allow us to listen in on conversations between the two best golfers in the world. Allow the actual process to serve as the centerpiece. What do they discuss with their caddies? What is the trigger word that gets them into their routine? How do they see lines and pick out targets?

As someone who has called a lot of match play over the years, I understand the fear of a one-versus-one matchup with a lot of money backing it. It can be a dud quickly, either due to a lack of competitiveness to the contest or thanks to dull personalities. But if this is presented in the right way, especially on an early summer night, preferably without competition from the NBA and NHL playoffs, it could find real traction.

Given the importance of presentation, it’s essential to have the right crew calling the action. Who would I go with? The host depends on the network, but when it comes to these events I think the host has the least amount of impact anyway. I would absolutely have Colt Knost down on the ground. Colt knows the Schefflers as well as anyone in the golf business and would be able to tell relevant stories throughout the match. (It also helps that Colt is authentically funny so quips and one-liners would be welcomed and additive).

I think an analyst in the booth that makes sense is Rory McIlroy or Jordan Spieth. Both have been No. 1 at one time. Both have gone on absurd runs of success at various points in their careers. Having them around to discuss that mindset would be amazing.

I think having Caitlin Clark as a part of the broadcast in some capacity also would be helpful. What better person to talk about a young female athlete currently doing historic things than a young female athlete currently doing historic things?! (She might be busy, sure, but she’s made time for golf before.)

We generally think of The Match as a product meant for non-golf fans. I think of this opportunity as a matchup golf fans would absolutely love.

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