3 days of preferred lies, WGC Austin no more, SGS Golf Advice

This Friday episode begins with the “Geronimo Test” and the $100,000 price for something called the Smash GC Family Package. Then Brendan and Andy reflect on Brooks Koepka playing in Oman the week of the Phoenix Open. There is some Dynapower scoop from Andy’s day out at the Pebble Pro Am, as well as some Kitty Kat facts. They review the wonders of Martin Trainer’s website, which proudly claims anti-American and socialist views. There’s exasperation over three days of preferred lies at Pebble because of the chance of moderate rain in one afternoon. News hits on WGC Austin folding up after this year, PXG developing a golf ball, and rumors of Cam Smith struggling to find a country club in the Jacksonville area. They close with an SGS Golf advice on guilt by cheating association, calling a penalty on yourself or trying to hash it out with a partner, and more.