A chat with the producers of Netflix’s new golf series

Paul Martin of Box to Box Films and the executive producer of Netflix’s “Drive to Survive” and Chad Mumm, Head of Entertainment at Vox Media Studios, join to discuss the news that Netflix is doing a series on PGA Tour pros. They are two of the executive producers involved in the project. It was an official announcement that fired up the golf corner of the world (and larger sports world) this week and both Martin and Mumm discuss some of the background of how it came together, what’s been promising so far, assuage concerns about authenticity, and the process of getting both the players and all the men’s major golf orgs, including Augusta National, on board with the series. Andy and Brendan begin the episode with some of their own reactions to the major news and the list of players confirmed, ponder what contretemps or triumph of the past fews years for which they wish the series had existed, and then jump in to chatting with Chad and Paul. Thanks to both for their time.