A Designated delivery of Rahm-Homa at Riviera, Tiger optimism, LIV signs Pieters

Andy and Brendan begin this Monday episode after a highlight of the PGA Tour schedule by discussing some childcare angst. Then they quickly jump into a fabulous weekend of golf from Rivieria, where Jon Rahm ascended to world No. 1 with another win and Max Homa pushed him down the stretch. They hit on the notion of Rahm as “clearly” the best player in the world, if not most consistent. They praise Homa’s post-game comments and continued approach pushing the best in the world down the stretch of primo events. They discuss how Riviera holds up, or doesn’t, to the modern player and equipment. Oh, also, there’s a Tiger chat, mostly about his prospects and reasons for optimism. Results discusses Bernie anchoring his way to Hale Irwin’s record and the Pissbear getting a Euro Tour win. News hits on Thomas Pieters going to LIV, with some insight into what maybe prompted the move.