A great new Tosti Tale, Bryson’s “rollback” video, Jaeger beats Scottie

Wake up, wake up, wake up it’s the first of the month! Andy is back with Brendan for this Monday and first of the month recording. He shares a couple of amusements from vacation, laments the Illini loss, and has some questions about Danny Hurley amidst what’s still a Victory Monday for Brendan (big college hockey fan). Then they get to the Houston Open and an eventful weekend in which Ale Tosti went mainstream. They discuss the coverage of the Tosti One, Jaeger’s breakthrough win and what happens to his AAAA status, and that last putt by Scottie Scheffler in an otherwise great week. There’s also plenty of praise for Tom Doak’s Memorial Park and pleas to let him design a full major championship test. After an EXCITING announcement about a new sponsor but returning product, they relay an all-time Tosti Tale following his big breakout weekend. Elsewhere in golf, they discuss Nelly Korda’s dominant spring and how it will work for the LPGA and the rise of Japanese winners on the DPWT, including at DLF this weekend. They close with news on Bryson DeChambeau’s video playing a rolled back ball and how it unintentionally makes a compelling argument for the rollback.