A love of charity, Rickie gets activated, and Flashlight on a Detroit public treasure

This Friday episode begins with an apology wrapped in a rant about backlash over amusement at the 3-1-3 Challenge. Brendan makes it clear he is not now, nor has he ever been, against charity and that it was clearly never an anti-charity point. That said, we are a little old ace away from two players converting on the 3-1-3. Also, a member from Detroit Golf Club relays a tale of an actual 3-1-3 happening there. There’s further backboard discussion with intel from said member. Doc Redman and Bryson’s impressive opening rounds are highlighted, as is Rocket Rickie getting activated after a week off dealing with blisters. This prompts great confusion in Andy about blisters and Brendan to wonder if it’s a long-term sponsor play. Then SGS announces a new activation of its own, born out of one of the podcast’s great stupidities and ongoing discords. In news, the U.S. Women’s Open exemptions are discussed as is John Peterson poking his head up to pop Thicc Boi. Andy closes with a Flashback Friday segment on the origins of Rackham Golf Course and its history and significance in the Detroit golf scene.