A new “connected” Tour schedule, PGA Tour exec resigns, and PLAYOFFS stakes

Andy is back for this lively Wednesday episode with Brendan. He brings some tales from Will’s wedding and his travels, and has a few clean-up thoughts on the valiant JT push for the playoffs, long putters, and other items from Sunday’s regular season finale. But then it’s on to the matters at hand, beginning with some late Tuesday news that a major PGA Tour executive has resigned. Then they get to the PGA Tour press release of its 2024 schedule, going line by line, or almost, over the official language and inserting their own commentary on some of the new swings, cohort names, and overall changes. Then they get to the schedule for this week, beginning with the last major of the year over in England, the new and improved first leg of hte Playoffs, and a dynamite setup for the U.S. Women’s Amateur. There’s quite a bit of a praise for the real stakes in Memphis and what it might trigger for someone’s 2024 and career. Lastly, they close with news that the PGA is not down with the rollback or MLR.