A Players ‘Dropgate’ podcast while driving in Ireland

Well, this wasn’t the best idea. Andy and Brendan record, or attempt to record, this Friday episode while driving on the wrong side of the road from Belfast out to the countryside. Apologies for any audio issues, rambling discussions, or distractions. But they begin with a few thoughts on their recent time in Northern Ireland and the incident of Andy getting “mugged off” with his final pint pour there. Then, after an evening of watching the Gold Standard, they discuss the obscene maintenance practices at TPC Sawgrass and the bumpers they’ve built up around so many of its menacing hazards. Then they get to the fabulous leaderboard the championship has after one round, but not without some controversy. They discuss “Dropgate,” Rory McIlroy’s drops at the 7th and 18th holes that became another “where it crossed” contretemps. In an otherwise sterling round, Rory is now in the crosshairs for the aggressive push and they ponder how this could all be avoided. Also discussed is the INSANE Johnson Wagner TV segment chucking balls into a pond bank trying to discern whether Rory’s ball hit above or below the red line. They close with some pushback on the Cantlay critiques and Troy Merritt trying to put Brendan in a blender.