A playoff into darkness, Tom the Tank chugs into the postseason, the McGreevy triumph

It’s a live recording with Andy and Brendan in front of some fine Philly folks ahead of the Fried Egg event in town on Monday. It’s the first applause they can recall during a recording with an audience so after a few comments about the locals, they dive into the weekend that was in golf. They start with the Women’s Open at Muirfield, which went deep into the night during an interminable playoff with Ash Buhai eventually prevailing. They discuss her roller coaster weekend, her eager significant other jumping into the frame, and how Muirfield played for the women. Then it’s on to Playoffs talk, with ample time set aside for more Max McGreevy facts and appreciation. Tom Kim is given his due with some stories of his first moments in the States. They also delight in the Comcast Top 10 being neglected during its most pivotal moment. They close with the odd Zalatoris caddy break-up and some thoughts on the LIV TRO hearing coming on Tuesday.