A potpourri on rotisserie chicken, power lines, metal spikes, Tiger Tracker, and Seve

It’s Brendan’s wedding anniversary so this Friday episode quickly zips through a potpourri of topics with no real plan or direction. They begin with an unexpected but heated debate over rotisserie chicken and whether it’s any good. More intel from the ground on the Power Lines Open in Italy is relayed and there’s great amusement at Matt Wallace’s ball getting knocked out of the air into a hazard. The Zozo discussion begins with crowning Bassy Munoz the new Mr. October and there’s an update on the origins of the name Sherwood. Phil’s 2-wood and 47.5 inch driver bag setup is critiqued as are metal spikes, generally, after video of Andrew Landry tumbling on a cart path is discovered. Both Brendan and Andy also address the popular GC Tiger Tracker account going silent this week, with a serious lament on the loss of jobs behind the scenes. Another odd video from Bryson and the Kings of Leon is giggled over before a Flashback Friday segment takes on Seve Ballesteros and his outrageous record before the age of 21 and at national opens. News hits on Sergio playing a pro tennis event, Phil maybe skipping Houston because they’ll have fans, and a crazy longshot exemption that will be there.