A “Swan” Song, LIV’s depth problem, Rory’s “betrayal” and #FBF on Mid Ocean

It’s Friday! Brendan and Andy cobble together this episode, starting with some random segments on a Boy from Bratislava copycat situation with the Man from Marseille. Then the Mid-Am Minute is back with a few more details on the DR event with less than 30 players that gets one mid-am player into a PGA Tour event. That transitions to a 65-year-old who sits on the board of trustees of the host course playing in this week’s PGA Tour event and, well, trying to steer it into the house. Then they get to LIV Miami, where the lineup for the first day’s matches is barf-inducing. They debate how many more big names are needed to make this look a little stronger, while running through the various appeal levels of each match. Rory’s comments on Ryder Cup “betrayal” are discussed before an #FBF segment touches on the origins of Mid Ocean Club and an amusing story of an early Babe Ruth visit.