A wide-ranging chat on garage sales

This delayed Monday episode is full of life, extracting every ounce out of a global golf weekend on multiple tours. But first, there are ample details and discussion on an attempted garage sale at Andy’s house over the weekend. What kind of people show up? Were golf items of note parted with to some uncaring new owner? Then it’s on to the Zozo Championship, where Hideki Matsuyama won in front of his home fans. They discuss the import of that, the extravagant framing of it, the lack of buzz in the U.S. around the event, and why this should be a must-play primetime event on the schedule for the top players. Jin Young Ko’s brilliance is then highlighted, including a discussion on an impactful quote from her about her mental health struggles early this year. Bernhard Langer’s incredible achievement on the Senior Tour is appreciated, but not without multiple shots at the Tour in general, as well as Phil’s grumpiness at the tournament. The Euro Tour’s winner prompts a confession about the functional “utility of kids” after his kid got him unlocked from the bathroom in time to make his tee time. The laughable report about Greg Norman becoming head of the Saudi League is discussed, before a lengthy final segment on Q school players advancing.