A women’s major at Muirfield, PGA Tour’s schedule release, Tiger’s LIV offer

This Wednesday episode begins with some thoughts on the last major of the year, the AIG Women’s Open at Muirfield. Andy and Brendan discuss their recent trip to the course, some favorite holes, some amusing stories, and how the women’s game might bring it into the modern world. On the PGA Tour, they discuss the myth of the FEC bubble and how many players hovering around it are truly unworthy of a “postseason” berth after this week’s Wyndham. This leads to more Max McGreevy facts than you could ever anticipate. James Hahn’s weird and misguided tweets are dissected, as is the new PGA Tour schedule, which seems to do nothing more than throw some money at the problems while changing very little else. News hits on Tiger Woods’s astronomical offer to join LIV, Patrick Reed going to Asia to play golf, and a Henrik Stenson conspiracy theory.