Alternate lines at Oakmont, over-dramatizing the Top 125, and KFT card watch

This Monday episode reacts to a full and diverse weekend of golf offerings, starting with the U.S. Amateur. Andy and Brendan review the revolving door of tv channels that the final visited, the Greaser-Piot match, the limited coverage earlier in the week, and yes, the alternate lines down different venerable Oakmont fairways that got plenty of action on Twitter. At the Wyndham, there’s a rant on the overselling of what it now means to *not* make the top 125, as well as some thoughts on the six-man playoff format, Chesson Hadley’s push, and Roger Sloan getting family time. In Europe, there are two segments dedicated to Ryann O’Toole facts and Calum Hill facts, which devolves into research on the Western New Mexico University mascot. They close with what turned into arguably the most compelling conclusion of the day, the regular season finish on the KFT, where David Skinns burst through for a win and a Tour card, Austin Smotherman held on for dear life, and Taylor Montgomery got screwed thanks to a well-worn old scheduling gripe.