American dad wants Ryder Cup pay, “Andrew Waterman” plays the Dunhill, and KFT final

It’s a punchy Wednesday episode as Andy and Brendan are giddy about post-Ryder Cup developments. They begin with the addition of an “Andrew Waterman” to the Dunhill links at the real Old Course. They giggle about the need for a pseudonym in a real European Tour event, and the inclusion of five LIV players in one of its preeminent events. Then they turn their attention to Daddy Schauffele, the subject of several articles with comments focused on player compensation in the Ryder Cup. There are some amusing comps and several critiques of the comments, support for some of the notions put forth, and the menacing mention of “courts” having a potential say in the debate. There’s also some ire for Schauffele and Cantlay. Schedule for the week hits on the KFT finals and what exactly is at stake, including the potential for Ale Tosti to finish No. 1 overall in the points and have full status for next year. This leads to a couple more Tosti Tales. The beloved Sanderson, its field, and some favorite groups are given the final say in a rambling episode.