An Onda Classic with no juice, TV mishaps in Kenya, and Moe Norman Masters facts

Andy and Brendan have to dig deep to find things to talk about after one of the more lifeless PGA Tour events they can recall. So they begin first with the Illinois basketball loss, some worse for the wear testimony, and a story about walking full speed into a glass door. At the Honda, they praise Matt Jones’ play and pace but also discuss how the Honda is an absolute no-win situation and this week was a conspicuously painful illustration of that. Andy proposes the Tour not schedule an event the week after The Players, in a further attempt to manipulate its status. Brendan ponders Phil getting exhausted by the constant scramble to stay in play while now also never contending, wondering if he might hang it up sometime in the not too distant future. The broadcast disaster on the European Tour is discussed and Bobby Diaz’s win on the Web Tour is praised. His shirt sponsor, however, is questioned. They conclude with Masters Fact of the Day on Moe Norman and the time he made his first trip to the Masters, much to the anxiety of the Canadian Golf Association. They recall the amusing story around his WD from that first Masters.