An Open Preview: Hoylake issues, Rory’s return, Rahm defends Monahan and PGA Tour

This Wednesday episode is a wide-ranging chat that also serves as the official British Open preview. Andy and Brendan begin with some debate that’s not really a debate on whether the Beatles are overrated. Then they jump right into the prime storylines on Royal Liverpool so far this week, namely the new 17th hole and the decision of an historic club to make such dramatic changes and for one architect to be the consultant for almost every course on the Open rota. They also discuss some early player grumbling about the bunkers and their maintenance, as well as the beautiful course routing and tangled architectural history. Then they get to favorite tee times, which involves a lengthy Dan Bradbury chat and some of the worst and best groupings. A new game of contender, make cut-irrelevant, and missed cut is also introduced for a slew of top names at the end. The quote roulette segment focuses on Jon Rahm’s staunch defense of Jay Monahan and the PGA Tour.