An SGS Spotlight on Frank Stranahan, “Muscles” at the Masters

Here’s a Spotlight appetizer for the 2020 Masters, where the Thicc Boi Bryson and his protein shakes will be a headline story at Augusta National. The subject is Frank Stranahan, often thought of as the first great weightlifter and physical fitness obsessive in the game (and also someone who claimed he would live to 120, 130, and even 150 years old). Brendan and Andy discuss Stranahan’s world class bodybuilding career, his marathon running career, and his golf career, where he’s often characterized as the greatest amateur on the lengthy bridge between Jones and Woods. Aside from his play, he was also a lightning rod figure as a trust fund kid out of Toledo. This episode covers not only his wins as an amateur and close calls at the majors, including a runner-up at the Masters, but also those controversies, most notably when he was expelled from the Masters during a practice round just a year after finishing second. This tension and outright conflict with the Masters, Clifford Roberts, and Bobby Jones is discussed in depth — the rumors behind it, the expletive laced arguments that led to his invitation being yanked during a practice round, and the continued Roberts antagonism even after the Augusta National co-founder’s death.

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