An SGS Spotlight on Juli Inkster, U.S. Women’s Open legend

On the occasion of this week’s 75th U.S. Women’s Open, this Spotlight episode focuses on the Hall-of-Fame career of Juli Inkster, and specifically her 2002 national championship triumph over Annika Sorenstam at historic Prairie Dunes. Brendan and Andy begin with Inkster’s earliest days as a player, growing up next to the 14th fairway at Pasatiempo, not taking up the game in earnest until 15, and then winning an astonishing three straight U.S. Women’s Amateur titles. Then they transition to her work as a pro, notably winning her first major at the Nabisco following some delectable TV controversy. Within the context of the continued challenges that only women pros must face, they discuss the impacts of motherhood on her career, and how it essentially split her career into two parts, with a lengthy drought in the middle. Then there’s a focus on her 35-year career at the U.S. Open — there’s the questionable ruling and kick-in-the-gut playoff loss at Oakmont in 1992, her first win in an amusing Mississippi setting, and the all-time final round at a roaring Prairie Dunes to clip Annika in 2002.