Anchors aweigh at the Chuck Cup, Hosung rising, Pepp’s Tin Cup moment

Brendan and Andy return from the weekend ready to discuss some senior circuit golf, notably Jeff Maggert’s hole out to beat the Goose in Phoenix and also deliver Ron Burgundy the overall Schwab Cup title. Was this an appropriate way to award a season-long title? The crowded European Tour playoff in Turkey is also reviewed as a bit of a pillow fight, despite some clickbaity headlines to the contrary. There is praise for Hosung Choi’s big win in Japan as well as his decision to wear the exact same clothes all weekend. A late breaking tweet that reveals the World Golf Hall of Fame counts The Players as a major win sends Andy into a spiral of incredulity and rage. In news, they hit on Eddie Pepperell running out of balls, JT’s underwhelming picks on Gameday, and Rickie’s intestinal dsi from his honeymoon. They sign off with a great Michael Jordan story from a Jeremy Roenick radio appearance over the weekend.