Azinger ousted, Ludvig arrives, and Tour wants tourneys to pay up more

Brendan begins this Victory Monday with a declaration that the Browns are going to the playoffs while Andy considers a potential visit to the midwest for the Browns-Bears game in December. Then they get to the news from Sunday morning that Paul Azinger is not coming back to NBC and Golf Channel next year. They ponder some replacements, especially if the “has to have won a major” unwritten rule is still in effect. Then they get to the win of Ludvig Aberg and the continued youth movement, aided by PGA Tour U. A disconcerting article on the PGA Tour asking tournaments themselves to kick in more money, likely taking it out of charitable contributions, is also covered with a raised eybrow. Tiger’s return is noted, too, before a rambling finish on Brooksy, the TGL dome, and some other news items.