Bay Hill appreciation and the context LIV lacks, and a PR Open field guessing game

It’s Wednesday so Andy and Brendan begin with a debate about high school basketball. Then they get to Bay Hill and another designated event on the docket. That results in an unplanned follow-up on LIV and some of its issues surrounding context and getting off the ground with delusional revenue goals. They also discuss the paltry ratings numbers that have come out in recent days. On Bay Hill, they discuss what they’ve come to actually appreciate about the API as a test for pro golfers and year-over-year ability to yield primo winners. The opposite of primo is the opposite field Puerto Rico Open, and instead of hollering about that field for another year, Andy quizzes Brendan on a list of names, making him guess between In/Out/Alternate. This results in many incredulous laughs, and some old-fashioned hollering too about “Big Tom Callahan” and many others.