Bones is back, and Fall schedule/Sanderson status with Will Bardwell

This Friday episode begins with a quick update on Baton Boy Sr. playing over at the Dunhill, Mr. October finding his sweet spot, and news that Bones is returning full-time to looping with Justin Thomas. Is this an unintended PIP play? Does it matter at all for JT’s golf and how does it hurt the broadcast? Then Andy and Brendan welcome Mississippi’s own Will Bardwell, of Lying Four fame, to discuss his Sanderson Farms Championship enthusiasm, his history with the event, and its strength in its current form. They also asked him on to get at the larger discussion around rumors that the fall events may no longer carry Courier Cup points. What would this mean for Sanderson and events like it in the fall? What would they actually play for? And is this a leverage play to boost Euro events as part of the strategic alliance. The episode closes with a transatlantic Flashback Friday. First is the on the time John Daly nearly gave the Mississippi event’s finance guy a heart attack by asking for his earnings in cash on the spot. Second, is when Westy hit the greatest shot in Dunhill history resulting in a “pas de deux of elephantine proportions.”