Bottled water’s major, Seniors at Sunningdale, Bandon becomes an ‘Armlock Site’

This Wednesday episode begins with some congratulations for Andy North, Jerry Kelly, and Bucks fans everywhere. It also begins with Andy asking some hard questions about the new sponsor for NE Ohio’s favorite golfer. Then it’s on to the schedule for the week, beginning with the Evian Championship. They debate the merits of this being a major and wonder if the Players is jealous about this arbitrary designation working so easily. There are also three things to watch and a sidebar on the history of bottled water. The Senior Open is given Event of the Week honors thanks to it dropping in on Sunningdale, a course of historic importance in the game. The 3M Open exists, which is cause for a short refresher on that TPC venue and its stronger-than-expected field. News closes with the announcement that Bandon will be hosting a slew of USGA amateur events, extending all the way out to 2045. Why are we announcing a U.S. Junior venue for 25 years from now? And if it’s not an “anchor site,” what other name could we call it?