Burly Boy Invitational, A Korda encounter, and SGS Golf Advice

This Friday episode is a whiparound with some thoughts on the Ivy League, recent television releases, kids’ shows to avoid, and outrageous drone use by sports parents. Andy and Brendan begin with a mea culpa for missing the event of the week on Wednesday in the debut of the Burly Boy Invitational on the KFT. This leads to some further amateur golf chatter, including many messages about Christo and the recent Walker Cup adds for the USA side. There’s a Women’s PGA update, which is cause for Andy to discuss an encounter with Camp Korda in New Jersey. SGS Golf Advice answers questions on golf pool etiquette, playing golf on your family’s ancestral burial grounds, the best way to be buried/disposed of when you’re gone, and strategies for handling and invitation to the John Deere.