Cam’s “regression,” Birdie fest brouhahas, and the Memphis blender

It’s a peppy Monday episode celebrating the return of golf in 2022. Andy and Brendan react to Cam Smith’s outrageous play, remarking on his #gainz off the tee and the way he stood out there with Kapalua’s wide fairways to gain an edge on Jon Rahm of all people. They discuss the social media ​​Sturm und Drang around the low scoring, pondering whether there should be an asterisk for the records given preferred lies were in place. The hot mics, Notah’s level, the pace of play, and graphics about Notable winners and “Every Shot Counts” are also discussed. There’s anger about the total confusion over the history of a multitude of PGA Tour events now being called WGC Memphis, with announcers getting crossed up left and right. They close with news on the U.S. Women’s Open purse being bumped significantly and a host of primo venues added as future sites. Before sign off, a couple thoughts on Rickie getting a Hawaii-themed activation off this week.