Canada has a moment, Mixed merger messaging from the PGA Tour

Andy and Brendan have touched down in Los Angeles and are ready to go at the Draddy House for this week’s U.S. Open. But first, they settle up on the weekend that was, beginning with the fantastic finish to the Canadian Open. They praise the PGA Tour product that’s been delivering all year, even at these non-designated events. They have less praise for the bureaucratic arm that just completed the merger deal and is now communicating a different tune than we’d heard all the last year. There are a couple notes from the other side of moat about a somber scene, and some reaction to the many details in the NYT report about the various meetings that got the deal done. They also have some fun with the Euro Tour winner’s name and wonder what his true calling should have been. The episode closes with some early LACC and US Open catnip before the week goes full bore on that championship.