Carnoustie coffee golf, Playoffs confusion, and Big Daddy journeyman

This Wednesday episode begins with the event of the week, the Women’s Open at Carnoustie. Andy and Brendan highlight some of the key tee times and discuss the course setup options that should test the best women’s players in the world. Then they’re on to Liberty National, stumbling through the top 125 players and wondering how the hell some of them got to the postseason given their profiles. The Euro Tour event has a distinct silver medal vibe. The Senior Tour event is really only cause to mention the one time Brendan said something on air that got the Tour to call into Golf Channel. And last but not least is the start of the KFT finals, where the usual mix of familiar names have come down to play for improved status next year on the Tour. The Journeyman of the Week is a Kiwi who did not make the FEC, or the KFT, and will be out there in the woods wandering to try and make his way back.