Chaotic and directionless PGA Tour, Xander’s “free” relief, and SGS Golf Advice

It’s Friday! Andy and Brendan are full of energy, joy, and anger for this episode ahead of Mother’s Day and a major championship week. They begin with some Mother’s Day gift mishaps and plans before getting to the Wells Fargo Championship, where Xander Schauffele is your leader after an all-time “lucky” drop situation. There’s outrage and confusion over how you get out of jail free and a call for some common-sense reform. Perhaps a new committee? Those are apparently being created out of thin air every other day at the Global Home, where a new Transaction Subcommittee has been created for a potential deal with the PIF. Rory McIlroy is allowed on that one, just days after he was kept off the PGA Tour policy board. They discuss the absolute circus that is the PGA Tour, its organization, its leadership, and the constant make-it-up-as-you-go approach. Does it end with Jay Monahan’s ouster? Then they close with an all-time SGS Golf Advice email about a hotel disaster and awkward range warm-up session.