Chopped and screwed SGL, whither Phil, and an 81-shot spread

This Monday episode begins with Brendan down in the swamp pledging to go to The Woods Jupiter and Andy struggling to diversify his wardrobe in San Francisco. Then they quickly jump into the news of the day, that DJ was done dabbling with the Saudis, and Bryson was … issuing more mealymouthed statements. Were Phil Mickelson’s insane comments the precipitating event causing the DJ defection? And where does Phil go play now, if anywhere? At the Genesis, they praise Joaquin Niemann’s efforts, even though the weekend got a little flat at times. They marvel at the Chez stat line, as well as CBS continued run, Viktor’s alternate lines, and Rory piling on Phil before the week was out. They close with some ABSOLUTE delightful findings from their quick Champions Tour wrap.