Coco Beach delights, Wolff’s Concession, and a “Scandinivian Hit Man”

Andy and Brendan close out the week with this Friday episode reacting to early action from across the “swamp swing,” where water is now in play on almost every hole across every tour. They marvel at the Solicitor General running out in front early at the PR Open, while also wondering if Bob Allenby’s island PTSD led to his DFL spot. There’s also a fun Smylie story about being put on the clock. Then they get back into The Concession crowbarring its name into the title of this WGC. Matthew Wolff’s WD is also addressed and lamented as a blow to the WGC spread watch. They laugh at the dramatic and constant framing about the challenge of these pros having to figure out a course they’ve never seen before this year. This week’s Precision Pro Flashback Friday is on a past winner at Doral, who clipped Fred Couples and Mark Calcavecchia, among others, before an outrageous run of health misfortunes.