Disgraceful Day, Scandalous NCAA, and Flashback to the “Half Nelson”

It’s a Friday episode heavy on disgust. There’s disgust over the NFL scheduling the Browns-Bears game for the one fall Sunday that Brendan and Andy really can’t ignore in the golf world. There’s disgust about the pitch-and-putt setup at TPC Craig T. Nelson. There’s disgust over the Thicc Boi suggesting he easily left six shots out there. There’s disgust over Jason Day saying he will not attempt to qualify for the U.S. Open if he has to, opting to play in a corporate sponsor event that day instead. There’s PLENTY of disgust for the NCAA decision to cancel the women’s regional outright, as well as some comments hinting that maybe LSU didn’t really want to try to play. Following that airing of grievances, Precision Pro Flashback Friday focuses on the 1994 edition of the Byron Nelson, what came to be known as “The Half Nelson”, and the winner that year who went on to become the first player ever to shoot 29 in the U.S. Open — twice, in back-to-back years.