Do The Match’s high ratings matter and a Jumbo Flashlight

With both hosts worse-for-the-wear, the Part 2 Spotlight on Ernie Els is pushed to Friday. This Wednesday episode begins with some debate on the excitement over The Match’s astronomic TV ratings. Does that number matter as a proof of concept for something more or is it just indicative of a one-time windfall in a unique moment? This leads to some further debate over mic’d up players and if we’ll ever actually see that on the PGA Tour. Andy also relays a hunch about one tournament on the upcoming PGA Tour schedule perhaps not being played. The second half of the episode is devoted to Masashi “Jumbo” Ozaki. Brendan relays some notes from a day of reading and researching the Japanese legend. His dominant career on the Japan Tour is covered in depth, as well as his ambivalence to playing outside of that Tour. His flamboyant style, allegations of cheating, playing with illegal “hot” equipment, and rumors of ties to organized crime are also discussed in detail.