Does Rahm miss the PGA Tour, A Saudi summit in Nassau, and Pace Car problems

Andy and Brendan are excited for the NCAA Tourney but first need to clean up some more Players thoughts before moving on to the new week and basketball. Then they get to Jon Rahm’s media call for the Masters, where he revealed his dinner menu to great interest and also discussed being unable to defend some of his titles this year on the PGA Tour. Did he sound wistful, regretful, or just matter-of-fact? They also hit on some big Epson Tour news before getting into the flight tracking of Yasir, Tiger, and others for the big summit in the Bahamas. Did this matter at all? Schedule of the week unveils a new segment called “Cutthroat Corner,” building off looking under the hood of the Merritt resume last week. This week, one J.B. Holmes is under the microscope.