Embracing the fall series, and writing a Ryder Cup book with Shane Ryan

We are joined by the estimable Shane Ryan for this Friday episode. Shane is at the RSM Classic this week in Sea Island, and jussssst finished a 40-day sprint writing a much-anticipated Ryder Cup book. We begin first with that project — the arc and elevator pitch of the book, his overarching takeaways from a decade immersed in the Ryder Cup, what it was like to write in such a short span after the conclusion at Whistling Straits, and one especially despairing moment during that writing process. Then we transition to his view from Sea Island, what he likes about the event that some might argue shouldn’t exist, and what he’s seen this week so far. Shane is also a defender, mild albeit, of the fall series and expounds on what he finds acceptable and endearing about a portion of the schedule that is often an easy target of the misanthropes. Thanks to Shane for the time, and you can preorder his book here.