Famous people named Craig, DJ’s WD statement, and Eye on Olympic for Mel Reid

This Wednesday episode goes in a bunch of stupid directions, starting with some details that may or may not be true on real estate around TPC Craig Ranch. This then devolves into a discussion on people named Craig, the most famous Craigs, the haughtiness of Craig T. Nelson using his middle initial, and a couple other unrelated topics. The shhhedule for the week continues with the Champions Tour posting up at another TPC venue and questions about Mitsubishi’s love of the senior circuit, the European Tour maybe having a “frontboard” at the Belfry, and the KFT dropping in on a gem of a venue in Tennessee. News hits on DJ’s amusing and verbose statement on his withdrawal, some data about the absolute absurdity and game-able-ness of the FedExCup points system, and the purchase of TaylorMade. Then they get to their second installment of “Eye on Olympic,” focusing this time on Mel Reid. Her ascendance as a junior, partying ways, family tragedy, and easy-to-root-for personality are all highlighted in this segment that gives you another name to monitor for the U.S. Women’s Open.