Fitzy and majors tiers, LIV comes to “Chicago,” FBF on “the Math Castle”

This Friday episode begins with Italian Open leader Matt Fitzpatrick, and where he now sits among recent one-time majors winners as most likely to bag a second. That leads to an exercise breaking down first page leaderboard favorites at majors right now, going through the current upper crust of the game and pondering the future of Brooks and DJ. Those two will tee it up at Rich Harvest Farms, an underwhelming venue that may not be precisely what the pros are used to this weekend. Precision Pro Flashback Friday gets at the origin story of the Fortinet/Safeway’s move to Silverado, which was only supposed to be a stopgap venue as the event went back to an ultra private course next to a “math castle” with marble lions that spit water every hour. It’s a different but amusing #FBF on some of the myths around “The Institute” golf course.